As parents, we raise our children knowing that someday they will leave our nest. We will miss them but that’s what it means to be a parent, right? Well, no. Not anymore. According to Pew Research, 39 percent of adult children have moved back home to live with their parents for a myriad of reasons.

This is so different then our experience. When we turned 18 years old, not only did our parents encourage us to leave but we wanted to leave. We craved independence and living on our own.

Now the social trend has shifted. Kids are staying in the nest longer or are returning unexpectedly. This confuses us, since this isn’t supposed to happen. And when it does we don’t have a parental guide book to answer all our questions: What do we say when our child asks to return home because she graduated from college and now can’t find a job? How do we encourage our son who seems very comfortable living at home to move out? How do we parent an adult child? What are the rules now?

Hopefully, here you will find some answers and comfort.

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